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Practical cases of Forensic Psychology, practical cases of Clinical Psychology, forensic repercussions of mental disorders, theoretical reviews, meta-analysis studies and empirical studies of Forensic and Clinical Psychology.

Journal of Psychology Applied to the Trial Process is a young Journal that has been created with the spirit of contributing to science, especially from the experience of everyday practice.

We believe in theory and practice as an interdependent process, and we encourage Authors to submit articles to have a relevant number of cases. In addition, studies of the forensic repercussions of the various mental disorders-their impact on jurisprudence and doctrine-is relevant for professionals in the expert field, since they allow us to know more closely what aspects of Psychology are needed by decision makers.

Its access is free and online, for this reason we request in exchange that they be quoted and referenced correctly in future articles by the readers of the Web Site, as indicated in the header of the first page of each of the articles, regardless of that the new articles are scientific, technical, informative or of another type. We thank you in advance for your collaboration.

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ISSN: 2952-1769 · Digital edition